mount zion coffee

(we're not quick)

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Espresso with frothy milk

Espresso with frothy milk

Opening times

Wed 20 Feb:

Thu 21 Feb:

Fri 22 Feb:

Sat 23 Feb:

Sun 24 Feb:

Mon 25 Feb:

Tue 26 Feb:

Next open

Thu 28 Mar: -

What to expect

We're not quick.

Reasonably competent espresso & intermediate filter coffee.

Limited seating.

Bring your own cake.


*varies depending on expectations

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia for sale

2011 Nuova Simonelli Aurelia

2017 replaced pump and flow meters.
2018 replaced pressure-stat.
No calcium in the boiler.

Demonstration available depending on when.
Sale includes machine, 3 ns portafilters, no guarantee or on-going support; GBP 1000.

Contact via contact page - 01736 888419 (leave a message) or instagram

Seriously, where are you?

We are hiding in plain sight just off the wharf road (hover/click the image) - or look at the Googles