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Frequently asked questions

1. We're not quick

Not a question but a statement of intent; key to the Mount Zion ethos. We don't want to get bigger. We don't want a crappy chain. We don't like compromise.

2. What do you do?

We make pretty average coffee very slowly. We usually have a choice of espresso and filter; generally fairly light roasts.

We weigh what goes in, what comes out and measure how long it takes through bottomless portafilters making one cup at a time. If there's a queue you're going to be waiting some time.

We are quite happy doing what we enjoy and don't aim to please everyone.

3. So, Mount Zion, bit controv no?

Not at all, St Ives was an early adopter of Methodism and as such has many streets and alleys are named after references to the Old Testament; Mount Zion, Bethesda Hill to name but a couple.

Mount Zion Coffee exists in a secularly neutralist vacuum.

Brexit made us want to emigrate.

4. I love the Daily Mail, will I like MZC?

No. You will hate it. You will hate the shop, the coffee and the staff, they are half German and should probably be sent back.

5. Can I have a strong coffee?


6. I know about coffee, can I tell you how to make my drink?

If you have recently been the recipient of a nationally or internationally recognised coffee award I would be more than happy to take your advice and guidance on the preparation of coffee based beverages. If you have not, starting your own coffee shop will be a fantastic platform for you to showcase your breadth of knowledge and talent.

7. What is a cappuccino?

Cappuccinos happen when one is too liberal with the application of the steam wand and should be discouraged. If your experience of coffee is based on high-street chains/commodity coffee then latte/flat white/cappuccino is just different shades of bad with varying amounts of milk over it.

8. Are you willing to give up a 5 pound sale over 2 ounces of milk?

Whilst we recognise there is a market for longer milk drinks we consider this to be adequately catered for by other businesses.

9. How long have you been here?

Since 2014, but the building was one of the first to be built along the wharf in St Ives. It dates from approximately the 16th century with gradual alterations that suited the fashions of the times, such as boarding over the cob interior walls with pitch pine in the mid-19th century for the characteristic painted white board St Ives look. We have tried to keep it largely the same as it always was as that's the charm of the place and we don't want to lose it.

It's been a fisherman's storage building, a base for the Commandos during the 1940s and from 1949-2014 a shop/workshop for Faust and Wharton Lang.

10. You charge a credit card surcharge?

We get charged a 1.75% for card payments in store and 2.7% for receiving electronic payments online.

These processing costs are added onto cost of goods and services at point of sale.

Feel free to use cash or pay the surcharge. Click here to view the relevant legislation: The Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations 2012.

11. Do you like being canvassed to buy advertising and products?


12. Cookies

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